Pickleball Notice

From TSC Vice President, Don Tai 

Pickleball has quickly become the most sought-after racquet sport at the Centre.  The Thornhill Seniors Club – along with the City of Markham – has been working diligently to provide Pickleball programs for its Members and the community as a whole.

(Note that TSC Pickleball games are SEPARATE from the City of Markham Pre-Registered games)

TSC’s newly formed Pickleball Committee recently implemented a system where all TSC Members who wish to play Pickleball must first register their name on a list under ONE of the following skill levels – Beginner, Intermediate or Advanced /Competitive.  Names are registered through the Activity Convenor in the gym.  

Once registered, the Member is eligible to participate in TSC Drop-in games at the level they are registered in, to a maximum of 24 players in the gym, on a first-come basis. This is to ensure that an equal opportunity is afforded to each registered Member and to prevent players from playing in more than one skill level.  A player who feels they are registered in the wrong level may send an email to request a change, to be approved by the Committee.


Although Pickleball is not currently available to new Members, the Club offers a variety of other programs also geared toward exercise and social interaction.  I encourage those who did not get into Pickleball for the Winter session to examine the schedule and get involved.

Please direct any TSC Pickleball questions or concerns to the TSC Pickleball Committee – tscpickleball@gmail.com 

2 thoughts on “Pickleball Notice

  1. Susan Tabachnick

    I just received this email and I’m FLORIDA. My husband and I are both TSC members and have been playing INTER PB since we started. Our names are JEFF and SUSAN Tabachnick. I know Don, Brian and Grace. We better not have missed the opportunity to play as we always have.

  2. Sheila Lewkowicz

    I think it was totally unfair that I registered for a beginner’s class and when I got to my first class there were 4 beginners out of the 24 registered for this class. Why did the others who play all the time get registered in a beginner’s class.

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