Wellness Winter Session Registration

TSC Wellness classes are designed to improve overall health and well-being by incorporating a variety of exercises, including: Tai chi – slow meditative physical exercise designed for relaxation and balance and health; Chi Gong – exercises to optimize energy within the body, mind and spirit; Yoga exercises – physical posture exercises with sequences, sometimes accompanied by breathing exercise and ending with relaxation or meditation; Fitness Dance -dance cardio targets different muscle groups for body toning and heart health; Tai Chi Fan Dance – a Chinese martial arts international dance with a Chinese fan, emphasizing body awareness and mindful meditation.  See a short video here.

Winter Sessions (begin next week):  

Mondays (January 16 – April 3)  Time: 9:45 – 11:00am  $50 for 10 classes or drop-in $7

Wednesdays (January 18- March 29)  Time: 9:45 – 11:00am  $50 for 10 classes or drop-in $7

Fridays (January 20 – March 31)  Time: 9:30 – 11:00am  $50 for 10 classes or drop-in $7

Classes will be held in the South & Centre halls.  To register, arrive to the class 15 minutes early and ask for Queenie, who is both the convenor and instructor of Wellness. She can also answer any questions you may have about the program. Payment by cash only. No classes on the following dates: Feb. 20 (Family Day), March 13, 15, & 17 (March break).

2 thoughts on “Wellness Winter Session Registration

  1. Normadene Chichora

    Hi Queenie,
    Which day are you having the fitness class?
    Before Covid I joined your fitness classes and hadso much fun.
    Thank you,

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