St. Pat’s Cafe Event Tomorrow

sham2Celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with us on Friday March 17th from 11:45am -12:45pm, where our Cafe will be serving traditional Irish stew with Leprechaun Lemonade for just $2!  TSC Members Only.  Limited quantities.  One per person.

2 thoughts on “St. Pat’s Cafe Event Tomorrow

  1. Francesca, Victoria, Carullo

    What a great idea! St. Joseph’s Day, Patron Saint of Canada falls
    on Sunday…maybe you could sell Zeppoli on Monday.

  2. Valerie Taylor

    It was a great success, thank you and congratulations. You all did a wonderful job and the food was excellent. I hope we can look forward to similar events as it was just like, sadly missed, old times. Well done !!

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