Update to Inclement Weather Policy

Last Winter, TSC introduced an inclement weather program cancellation policy –  if  York Region school busses were cancelled, we would cancel our programs.  Our Wellness Exercise group was already following this arrangement.

We have since received many complaints from Members who feel this policy was resulting in unnecessary cancellations of their programs.  It is true that – as York Region covers a vast area – Georgina may have been snowed under while Thornhill only received a light dusting.  It was clear that the school bus cancellations for the region would not work well as the deciding factor in the cancellation of our programs.

So while our Wellness group will continue to use this policy, we have since decided that the best solution for our Club as a whole is to follow Thornhill Community Centre programming cancellations.  If City programs are cancelled due to weather, we will cancel ours.   Of course, TSC will cancel programs if our instructors (Yoga, Zumba, etc) are unable to make it in.

TSC Program cancellations will always be posted to the website with as much notice as possible, usually by 7:00am the morning of.  Be sure to FOLLOW OUR BLOG VIA EMAIL to receive these notices as they go up, and kindly spread the word to fellow members who may not have access to the internet.

2 thoughts on “Update to Inclement Weather Policy

  1. Debra Saxe

    Thank you for the explanatory email. Yes, the weather in Georgina is very different, and I am grateful that you have chosen to follow Thornhill (or Markham’s?) weather. When I arrived at 9:30 am today, the parking lot was fully cleaned and the streets were even mostly dry. I was grateful not to have our weekly exercise class cancelled.
    So, I appreciate both your flexibility and your communication level.

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