18 thoughts on “Seniors Tech Cafe

    1. Danielle Hinde

      This is a four-session set of classes that will answer common questions about technology. It will also have time for questions and answers in a group setting.

  1. Re Seniors Tech Cafe
    More in formation needed i.e.
    Is this a series of successive classes or is each class a stand alone session?
    Would one benefit from going to all sesseions or would it just be a repeat of information.
    Will they have a session on how to pick out the right smartphone and data plan and how to use
    your smart phone for maximum benefit?

    1. Danielle Hinde

      Hello Margaret,
      We will cover different topics weekly and have a question-and-answer session. If you have questions about smartphones and Data plans, I would be happy to help you with that. When it comes to large group teaching events, we will be getting input on what you want to learn from week to week. There will be a few of us there to help and make smaller groups for better learning. Hope to see you there.
      – Danielle

  2. Arlene Kotick

    What a great idea. Would they know about setting up robotics with an app. I have a pet robotic for my desk and he is run by wifi and an app.

      1. Arlene Kotick

        Thank you so much.I just learned how to set him up with my wifi and Bluetooth , but may need to know how to set a robot up with a hot spot to take him to places.

    1. Danielle Hinde

      These are drop-in classes; you will sign in when you get there. We cover different questions in every class, including group question and answer time.

  3. josk


    Couple of questions:

    I am not a member – am I eligible to attend? * also, if ‘ok’ for above – am I required to bring along my laptop for questions that I might have?


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