Merry Christmas & a Note from TSC President

A Message from the President of the Thornhill Seniors Club

“Although the past few years have been difficult for many of us due to the pandemic, I am so pleased that our Club has rebounded beyond my expectations.  This was only possible with the dedication of our amazing Volunteers, including the Front desk, Cafe, Administration and the many Activity Convenors who share their valuable time to help deliver quality programs and services to our Members.  We sincerely thank each and every one of you for your service.

In the past year we have seen our Club change and grow in amazing ways.  We’ve listened to Membership feedback to help create new programs that interest them.  What was once a fitness class of 10 has turned into 40 or more (we love that people are getting out of the house and being active again!).  The demand for Seniors Pickleball has exploded (a BIG thank you to our VP, Don Tai and to City Programmer, Brian Bailey for heading up our new Pickleball committee).  Our Heintzman House social events have sold out within days with A+ reviews and our Travel department had no trouble filling the busses.

Overall, we are incredibly proud to be meeting the current needs of Seniors in our community.  Thank you to all returning and new Members for your participation.

Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Healthy and Happy Holiday to everyone.  I look forward to seeing you again in 2023.”


Norm Goldstein

8 thoughts on “Merry Christmas & a Note from TSC President

    1. Hi Pam. All of our events were posted on the website weeks in advance. These included the Tea, Fashion Show, Holiday Lunch and Brunch. We also put up posters throughout the Seniors Centre for those without access to the website.

      Hope you can make it next time.

  1. Heather Garel

    Thank you so much Norm,
    I appreciate your kind words toward the volunteers and convenors we are very fortunate to have such a good group.
    Merry Christmas and Happy Chanukah to everyone. I hope everyone enjoys the holiday season.
    Happy New Year!
    Heather Garel

  2. Muri B. Abdurrahman

    I join the President in thanking all our dedicated Volunteers , and the organizing staff and administrative staff, for their immense contribution to the smooth running of the Club.
    I wish every member a Merry Christmas, Happy Chanukah, Happy Kwanza, and a rewarding, healthy, and active 2023.

    Muri B. Abdurrahman.

  3. R. Joan MATCHETT

    Happy Christmas memories to you Norm.
    Thank you for listening to our wants and needs and for negotiating for new programs and activities.
    May 2023 be good to us all.
    Joan Matchett

  4. Esther brown

    Thank youNorm and all the staff and volunteers for your wonderful. Involvement and making the club like a second home. You are all very much appreciated. Happy holidays to you all and good health in the new year.

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