High Tea at the Heintzman House

For those who purchased tickets to our sold out High Tea at Heintzman House tomorrow (Wed, June 22), please be advised that there is heavy construction on Royal Orchard Blvd between Bayview Ave & Bay Thorn Dr.  Please allow a little extra travel time if that is the route you will be taking.  Carpooling is recommended.

Entrance to the parking lot is off of Royal Orchard, just east of Bay Thorn.  Click HERE for map of the location.

See you there at 1:00 pm!

4 thoughts on “High Tea at the Heintzman House

    1. Hello Frances. Sorry you missed the advertising for the event. Posters went up throughout the Seniors Centre and Community Centre in mid May and tickets became available to purchase on May 30th. It was also posted on the website on June 6th when tickets were still available.

      Hope you can join us next time.

  1. Please note that it is AFTERNOON TEA not High Tea. Sadly, many North Americans get this wrong. (High Tea – usually just called Tea by Brits, like me – was/is a meal served at a normal high dining table, that’s why it was called “High” Tea, and was eaten after people returned from work, so about 6:30 – 7 in the evening. And it was a meal, not cakes and scones, etc.) Afternoon Tea was traditionally served on a lower table (like a coffee table) around 4pm and for the wealthy only (as they did not work) and was to tide them over between lunch and dinner, which they traditionally ate between 8 – 9 pm.

  2. patricia Ford

    Hi TSclub,
    I’m interested in joining your Pickleball club. I don’t know how to play but I’m eager to learn and would appreciate you getting in touch with me.
    Thank you
    Patricia Ford

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