Fall TSC Programs Coming Soon!

We’re currently working on scheduling TSC Programs in the Thornhill Community Centre to begin September 27.  Activities include Table Tennis, Pickleball, Badminton, Yoga, Tai Chi, Bridge, Euchre, MahJong, Snooker and more.  Cash, TSC Tickets & TSC Punch Cards accepted.

Programs, space and times will be limited and COVID-19 safety protocols will be in place.  Pre-registration required (details to come).

Stay tuned to the website for more information in the coming weeks!

9 thoughts on “Fall TSC Programs Coming Soon!

    1. Hi Barb and Carol. I understood the City was extending memberships to make up for the closure. We’re still waiting on official word of this which I will post on the website. For now we do know that you will not need to renew your membership to participate in activities when we reopen.

  1. Sheila Starkman

    I want to register for Euchre with George Templeton on September 30.we are both members and We are married. I have phoned several times and no one has phoned back. I know Brian has registered other friends by phone messages why haven’t we been phoned back?

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