journal“Journaling: The Easy, Time-Tested Strategy For Becoming Happier and More Successful

Let’s talk about journaling. Writing in a journal or diary is one of the best, easiest, low cost ways to improve your happiness, have more emotional intelligence, and to help you reach your goals.

Journaling is easy to get started. You don’t need complicated technology that takes a long time to learn. You don’t need to buy some sort of expensive gadget that is out of your price range. It doesn’t require fancy running shoes, or even require you to break a sweat like exercise does. It’s not a difficult or complicated skill to learn…writing in a journal is so easy that anyone can do it as long as they can write.journal1

Whether you choose to write in a program like Microsoft Word, an app like Evernote, or with old-fashioned pencil and paper, you start to get the benefits of journal writing immediately.”

Read the full article, then see a list of Journal Prompts to help get you started.  Happy writing!