What are you up to lately?

Hi everyone!  I hope you are continuing to be safe, sound and healthy.

If I haven’t already called you at home, please know that I am doing my best to personally reach out to as many Volunteers and Members as possible to say hello and offer help in any way.  It’s a slow process but it’s been so nice to chat with you.  So far, everyone I’ve spoken to is doing well and I’ve not heard of anyone contracting this virus.

I again urge all of you to make just a few phone calls each day to connect with fellow Members.  If you would like to reach someone but don’t have their details, please email cpetrowtsc@gmail.com and I will do my best to assist you.  Let’s all stay connected.  

To take a break from the constant news reports, I thought it might be fun to share photos of what you’ve all been up to during this physical distancing period.  Send your photo with a brief caption to cpetrowtsc@gmail.com to be included in a slideshow that I’ll post later this week.

Stay safe everyone!  Warmly,  ~Cindy

Brian and his son, Landen, working on an activity book together

Below is my dog “Z” and I taking the less beaten path.