TSC’s Craft Group

knitWe convene every Friday from 10am-12:15pm in Room 3.  Our door is usually open and every once in a while, folks walking by stop and look in on us and ask, what do we do?

In response, we are a group of ladies who knit and do some crocheting.  At the same time we socialize which means we talk about current events, our families and friends.  To some of our members, the Club is a home away from home and socializing is very important as some do not partake in other activities.

We have an annual sale of our merchandise sometime in late November and early December.  All proceeds are donated to the Club so that our group and other groups can benefit from our contribution.  Merchandise not sold is distributed to women’s shelters, the homeless, seniors residences and The Salvation Army.  We have, over numerous years, made “Chemo caps” for Princess Margaret Hospital and “Preemie Caps” for Mackenzie Health.

If you, at any time, need a special knitted gift for a newborn baby or something for Grandma or Grandpa or for any family member, please visit us in Room 3 on Friday between 10 AM until noon or see Esther Nishmas at the Travel desk on a Wednesday between 10 AM and noon.

If you enjoy socializing and enjoy our crafts, you are more than welcome to join us!

Written by Esther Nishmas – Volunteer Convener