Markham’s Older Adult Strategy

The City of Markham is working on a new plan to help older adults stay active, healthy and engaged in their community.

Seniors are an important part of our community fabric. Like many other world-class cities, our goal is to become an age-friendly community that is truly inclusive, accessible and supportive of citizens of all ages, abilities and backgrounds. We are committed to building a community which fosters a deep sense of belonging. We want to ensure our residents have access to opportunities and services that increase their quality of life.

Throughout the summer and early fall, the City will be connecting with residents and local community service providers to help create Markham’s Older Adult Strategy. This comprehensive plan will help ensure Markham is ready to address the challenges of an increasingly older population, and is aligned with the City’s goal for an engaged, diverse and thriving City as outlined in Building Markham’s Future Together: 2015-2019 Strategic Plan.  Those 45 years and older living and or working in Markham are encouraged to complete a survey and attend a public engagement session.  Let’s build Markham’s future, together.

Learn how to get involved by clicking HERE.