Technology Corner Launch

Thornhill Seniors Club is pleased to announce that we are launching the “Technology Corner” as the latest addition to our list of club events. Our goal is to help TSC members to learn tips related to enhancing their technology skills. Workshops will be conducted at the club and the documents will be posted online for others to benefit from the exercises. Topics will cover a variety of areas including computers, tablets, smart phones, and Internet security.

Initially, we will have two activities each month consisting of: (i) an informal drop-in session; (ii) hands on classroom training

Both of these activities will be held in Room 3 on a designated Tuesday from 10 am to 11:30 am.

The dates of these activities will be posted on the notice board as well as the Monthly Event Calendar on the club’s website. Attendance at the classroom training session will be limited and members will be required to sign up in advance. Drop by the front desk to sign up. Members are encouraged to submit their questions in either of the following ways: i) Drop your question in the “Technology Corner” suggestion box which is located in the cafe at the club. ii) Access the TSC Technology Corner website over the Internet and submit your question online.

The Technology Corner website is a private community designed to be used exclusively by the club members. If you wish to participate please send an email to requesting access and an invitation will be sent to you.

We hope you will join us on this exciting new venture.

Mark Fullerton

Technology Corner Moderator