New Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy

Although we posted notice of program cancellations on the website last evening, we understand some members were not made aware of today’s closure.  As it would be impossible for us to call each participant, our website is our main communication tool.

That said, we understand that not all members have access to the internet, so as of now, TSC will only cancel programs due to inclement weather if York Region school busses are cancelled.  School bus cancellations are always announced on the news (TV or radio) in the early morning, so members who do not have access to our website will know not to attend TSC programs if they hear York Region school busses have been cancelled due to weather.

We understand this policy give less notice but it also allows time to see if the heavy storm forecasted turns out to be lighter than predicted.

Of course we will also post to our website, so if you can, be sure to FOLLOW OUR BLOG VIA EMAIL and encourage fellow members to do so.  That way you’ll be emailed the minute we post.  And as always, kindly take a few minutes to call fellow members without internet access to share the news.  Hey!  You can start by sharing the news about this new policy! 🙂  

Hopefully most of these ‘snow days’ are behind us.  Only 30 days ’til Spring!

One thought on “New Inclement Weather Cancellation Policy

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