Refunds Next Week

Hello Everyone.  We hope this finds you well and continuing to stay safe.

We will be offering 3 days next week for Members to collect refunds for pre-paid Travel Desk Trips, Spring Fling Lunch, Snooker Tournament & St. Pat’s Cafe Event Tickets.  Art Students who were unable to collect last week may also pick up their refund on these dates.

The dates are:  Tuesday Oct 13, Wednesday Oct 14 or Friday Oct 16 between 11am – 2pm.

Please be sure to wear a mask and bring your own pen from home.  Knock on the Seniors Centre door (facing John St.) and we will meet you outside to process your refund.  If there are other Members near the entrance upon your arrival, please follow safe distancing guidelines as you wait for us to personally serve you.

We understand that many of our Members do not have access to the internet, so please expect a phone call over the coming days confirming your refund entitlment.

If you are unable to collect your refund during these set times, we will hold your refund for a later date to be determined.  If you would prefer to donate your refund to the Thornhill Seniors Club (NPO), please email  All donations will be properly allocated by our Treasurer and a personal note will be mailed to you by post.  Thank you again to those who have already chosen to do so 🙂

We look forward to seeing you again.  Have a wonderful, safe weekend everyone!