A Message for Art Students


Bonnie doing a demo for the Toronto Watercolour Society

“Hi everyone.  Just checking in to say Hi and hope that you are well….I really really miss you and hope that you are doing okay.  I have received some wonderful emails, and just want to say THANK YOU FROM MY HEART!  Also, keep sending me your paintings to critique and to direct you.  I am inspired but what you do and can do and what you will do.  The key is to keep engaged.  I can’t wait until we go back!  Be patient, and please please keep up your painting!  I am also going to send new references for you to paint and hope that they inspire you!  I will be here to help.  Send photos also that you may want to use and share or stories that also inspire you.

I will be in touch and I am sending a virtual hug.  Stay well and safe……Bonnie”


“Black Rock” by Bonnie Steinberg

Learn more about Bonnie in a Toronto Watercolour Society feature article: Page1   Page 2


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